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Writing is hard.

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Writing is hard. Are you surprised to hear that? Now, I’m not talking to those people who have already succumbed to the urge/the call/the insane desire to spin stories from just the tiniest spark of imagination.

You already know.

I’m speaking to the newbies, to everyone who has ever dreamed of holding their own book in their hands. I would be less than honest with myself and anyone who reads this if I didn’t tell you there are times when I struggle to put words on the page. Whether it’s life’s everyday distractions or mounting self-doubt, sometimes this journey is hard.

As a person writing stories that reflect my own two-fold marginalization, without the aid of similar mentor texts, the journey very often seems impossible.

But is it worth it?

The most magical moment for me is typing THE END when I finish a project. It doesn’t matter if it’s a super polished manuscript or jumbled mess of a first draft. (Of course, I have a preference–that just makes me logical.) Seeing that tiny seed of something turn into pages and pages of what one day could be a physical book, with actual readers, inspires me.

If I can remember that feeling and hold on tight, writing becomes an attainable goal.

And it helps that I'm one of those people who LOVE revising.

Without the beginning hardship, we, the writers of the world, may never learn to appreciate the incredible path we’ve chosen.

Keep writing, keep learning,


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