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Dipping My Toe Into Publishing!!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Book cover with illustration of NM mountains in front of a sunset and deep purple skies. Text: Lost Echoes Found, an Anthology of Speculations and Memories

My first writing group, "Lost Echos Albuquerque Writers" just released an anthology entitled "Lost Echoes Found: An Anthology of Speculations and Memories." ​ I have four, short flash fiction stories featured in it. To take a look on Amazon, click on the link below.


Are you looking for stories that will make you laugh or cry or cringe—or wonder? Lost Echoes Found, an Anthology of Speculations and Memories, written and published by the group Lost Echoes, Albuquerque Writers, includes poetry, memoir, and stories for all ages, ranging from science fiction and fantasy to thriller, from horror to ghost stories. You’ll find an alien who looks like a giant grasshopper, a pirate story, an imaginary friend who’s real—and scary—, a canine ghost, and a true feel-good story about Parisians. We hope you have as much fun reading our offerings as we had writing them.

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